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New projects: Washington, Idaho, and Alabama

Our new publication with Dr. Will Jackson (University of South Alabama) and Dr. Angela Hessler (Deep Time Institute) is now out in Gondwana Research!

We have new projects well underway in Spring 2018.

Glacier Peak, Washington: We are planning to conduct a geophysical, structural, and petrologic study of Glacier Peak volcano in Washington, beginning this summer. Sage Muttel (B.S. University of Houston-Downtown) has joined the team this semester and will conduct the initial field work in the remote Glacier Peak Wilderness in Summer 2018.

Western Idaho: We are in Phase II of our Idaho work and Sam DeYoung will be testing out some of the hypotheses that Sourav Nandi's gravity surveying brought up. Mainly....where did the metamorphic rocks in western Idaho come from?

Appalachians: Derek Spurgeon continues to investigate the age of the Appalachian Orogeny in eastern Alabama

Ozarks: Simin Wu has finally found the right samples in the Decaturville crater to attempt to use zircon to date the impact in southwestern Missouri.

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