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Southern Appalachians project now underway

The MO State Tectonics team spent the last warm weekend (11-13 Nov. 2016) of the year conducting geologic mapping east of Jacksonville, AL. On Duggar Mountain near the Pinhoti Trail, the ridges and valleys are underlain by Cambrian sandstones and mudstones that record over 200 million years of Earth's history. The sedimentary rocks exposed here in the Talledega National Forest were laid down in a shallow sea during the Cambrian Period (540 to 485 million years ago). These rocks were buried over many million years and during the construction of the Appalachian Mountains about 325 to 270 million years ago, these rocks were deformed by thrust faults that repeat the same sections of rocks several times within the Duggar Mountain Wilderness.

Above: Sourav, Derek, and the group discuss a potential thrust fault along King Gap Road.

Above: Derek and Dr. McKay measure the hinge of a outcrop-scale fold in the Nichols Formation of the Cambrian Chilhowee Group.

Above: Sourav enjoying a nice November day in NE Alabama.

Pictures by Mark Brown.

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